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SonoPath Return Policy

Unopened CD's and Books in original condition may be returned within 30 days for a full refund which should be expeceted with 5-10 business days. Shipping fees to be incurred by the purchaser.

SonoPath will pay return shipping costs should items be damaged on receipt.

You can send an e-mail to SonoPath Inc. with any questions relating to our Return Policy.

SonoPath Technology Requirements

Utilizing a website such as that includes thousands of video clips in addition to sill images requires extensive resources and computing power in order to make the utilization of the site as streamlined as possible without third party downloads and universal browser compatibility.

We also utilize the highest resolution video possible for sonogram clips that will run embedded in a website so you, the user, do not have to download every video separately. This in itself took some resourcefulness from our IT department working with Dr Lindquist and staff to ensure a diagnostic resolution was possible in a streamlined fashion.

However, there are other issues outside of the realm of our website (on the users end) that we cannot control. We recomend that every end user reads the following guidelines to optimize their experience on to ensure a user friendly process.

User End Computing Recommendations:

  • Maximize your band width. Go to for free to test your internet speed and how you compare nationally as well as how far your provider’s server is from your facility. The further away the server is may decrease your available band width. If it you png, upload and download speeds are slow, you and your business is losing money in lack of IT efficiency I assure you. Add up the minutes/day your staff is waiting for downloading and uploading of images, cases, and files. This is an accumulative loss in your workflow efficiency and will slow down your efficient use of
  • Recomended Browsers: Browser compatibility with websites is a huge issue that can slow down or not work with certain interactive sites. We have designed and tested to perform optimaly with the following browsers:
    Firefox | Internet Explorer | Google Chrome
  • Computer processing speed. Defragment your computer regularly and ensure you don’t have many programs running that can slow down your computers processing speed. If your computer is > 3-4 years old you may want to consider upgrading. Unfortunately in today’s world of sharing increasingly larger files, especially in video and imaging, processing speed is key to efficient computing. Look towards maximizing processing speed and onboard RAM with your next computer purchase. We recomend that you build the computer on line tailored for your use.