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SonoPath Imaging Center Services

High-quality diagnostic imaging plays an important role in providing an accurate diagnosis, which is why SonoPath Imaging Center has heavily invested in the best, state-of-the-art imaging equipment for veterinary medicine.

When you refer your client and their pet to the SonoPath Imaging Center, our team will collaborate with you and your clinic to ensure a seamless level of care.

All diagnostic reports are sent directly to the referring veterinarian and hospital to discuss with client, SonoPath Imaging Center does not discuss results with the referred pet owner.


Our Services:

CT Scans:

• Head • Dental • Thorax • Abdomen • Abdomen Portosystemic Shunt • Abdomen Ectopic Ureter • Pelvis • Pelvic Cavity • Elbows • Shoulders • Stifles • Neck (Soft Tissue) • Spine - Entire • Spine - Cervical • Spine - T3-L3 • Spine L3-S4 • Metastatic Check


• Abdomen • Echocardiogram • Echo Cardiologist Read • Comprehensive Echo (Referring Hospital must provide BP and EKG) • Thorax (Non-Cardiac) • Thyroid • Ocular • Stifles (Bilateral) • Achilles (Bilateral) • Stat Turn-Arounds Possible

Additional Procedures:

• US-guided FNA • Biopsy • Drainage Procedures • Centesis • Bone Marrow Sampling • US-guided Traumatic Catheterization


Appointments are by veterinarian referral only.

Our imaging center is open by Appointment only


To refer your pet owner for imaging services, please click below: