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SonoPath Forums Overview

The SonoPath Forum is meant to enhance the community of clinical ultrasound within the technical means of an online forum. A simple question may be presented or if discussing a case, please provide adequate signalment, case history and solid quality images in Jpeg or video (FLV, Mpeg, AVI) for upload. Please keep the imagery to that which best demonstrates the issue at hand and what you wish to discuss; preferably no more than 3 images per discussion. Further instructions on how to submit this media can be found in the forum rules section.

This is not a case consulting service. These discussions are meant to contribute to the progression of the clinical sonography community in veterinary medicine as well as enhance diagnostic efficiency through ultrasound. Many colleagues, SonoPath consultants and non, may contribute to each discussion based on reference material or personal experience preferably supported by representative images. does not take responsibility for opinions expressed in this forum or potential applications of concepts discussed in the forum.

If you wish have a case fully evaluated then please contact us. To access the Forum you must be a member.