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Lecture Topic List for 2016/2017

G: Subject matter adapted for general practitioners, specialists and those that utilize ultrasound in practice but don't necessarily perform the sonogram themselves.
S: Subject matter targeted at practitioners that utilize ultrasound in practice.

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  • SDEP 17 point abdominal sonographic protocol. The sonographic technique for a complete, rapid, and efficient abdominal sonogram.
  • SDEP Echocardiogram: Rapid, progressive and efficient protocol for a full echocardiogram.
  • Sonographic pathology; which organ is the problem? The curvilinear approach simplifying the pathologic interpretation.
  • Ascites and the sonogram: what is causing the fluid?
  • Thoracic pathology cardiogenic vs non cardiogenic pathology by means of the probe.
  • Sonographic approach to GI obstructions. Simple criteria to follow to analyze for the plumbing problem.
  • Sonographic approach to surgical biliary disease: research based approach to cutting or pilling the patient.
  • The economics of ultrasound in practice; how when and what to ethically charge for my sonogram.
  • G/S: Interventional Ultrasound; Cool Diagnostic & Therapeutic Things To Do With A Needle & A Probe.
  • G/S: Diagnostic Efficiency, Ultrasound & The "Gut" Feeling; Liver, GI & Pancreatic Medicine From The Inside Out. (2 hours).
  • G: Clinical Ultrasonography Nuts & Bolts. How it works and why we utilize it in our daily workups.
  • G: The Top 10 list for utilizing ultrasound to help resolve your internal medicine cases.
  • G/S: Ultrasound-Guided Endoscopic Laser Ablation (UGELAB) for Transitional Cell Carcinoma in the Dog; Where We Started in 2003 & Where We Are Now.
  • G/S: Sonographic Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm.” Bowel infarctions, venous & arterial thrombosis, occult and overt surgical biliary disease, hidden neoplasia & other pathologies that only the probe could find.
  • G/S: Clinical Sonography & Pancreatitis; Why Serum Enzyme Markers Only Tell Part OF The Story.
  • G/S: The Island Versus the Archipelago Theory to Sonographic Pathology. A 45-Minute Tour Through The Sonographic Underground.
  • G/S: Veterinary Technology, Sonography and Enhancing Diagnostic Efficiency. Cases Where Time & Work Flow Efficiency Mattered In The Outcome.
  • G/S: The "ADR" Patient & The Sonogram: What Lives Beneath The Surface Of The Clinical Presentation: Adrenal Pathology, Gall Bladder Mucoceles, GI Obstructions, Abscesses, Occult Neoplasia.
  • S: The "Shunt Hunt" Simplified: Sonographic Story To Porto-systemic Shunts.
  • S: GI Obstruction Criteria: Clinical & Sonographic Approach To GI Obstructions & Foreign Bodies.
  • S: GI Sonographic Pathology. Obstructions, Pseudo-obstructions, Mural Changes, & Perforations.
  • S: Surgical & Sonographic Criteria For Canine & Feline Biliary Disease: When is a Mucocele & Similar Biliary Disease Really Surgical?
  • S: Sonographic & Clinical Approach To Canine & Feline Pancreatitis.
  • S: Abdominal Organ Perforations; When The Levee Breaks. Clinical & Sonographic Approach To GI, Gall Bladder & Urinary System Perforations.
  • S: Non-cardiac Thoracic Pathology From A Sonographic Perspective. What The Probe Traditionally Wasn't Supposed To Find.
  • S: Working Through Ascites With The Probe. Pondering The Cause Of Abdominal Fluid By Means Of The Sonographic Interpretation.
  • S: Clinical Approach To Sonographic Pathology: Any organ system.
  • S: Cool & Useful Things You can do With A Probe & A Needle; USG-Drainage, The “ADAIN” Procedure For Prostatic & Other Abscesses, FNA, Biopsies & Other Sampling Procedures To Enhance Dx Efficiency.