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About SonoPath was founded in 2007 by Eric Lindquist, DVM, DABVP to provide a source of sonographic pathology information accessible to veterinarians of all levels of canine, feline, and exotic medicine. Dr. Lindquist has been immersed in a unique environment of sonographic pathology and internal medicine cases as a mobile veterinary sonographer since February of 2001. His monthly caseload has ranged between 200-400 cases/month over this 6 and a half year time span. Prior to that, he spent 4 years in intense veterinary hospital environments with primary duties of imaging and surgery.

Through these experiences he saw the need for a resource readily available to anyone who uses the probe, directly or indirectly, in solving small animal internal medicine cases. Therefore, with the endless assistance of his veterinary clients' staff, he has archived 5 years worth of clinical material regarding thousands of cases of sonographic pathology for journal publication and utilization.

The resulting resource,, offers direct online and hard copy aid to the veterinarian, presenting the historical events of cases from the moment of patient presentation to the clinical outcome, showcasing the sonographic perspectives that were found along the way. will offer a textbook, DVD, and a searchable archive of pathological presentations, as well as future projects that will be developed based on the feedback of site users as they relate their needs through the contact page.

Dr. Lindquist presenting the abstract on Ultrasound/Endoscopic Guided Laser Ablation (UGELAB) of urinary transitional cell carcinoma at the Eurpoean College of Veterinary Medicine Conference (ECVIM) in Budapest, Hungary September 14, 2007.

Modus Operandum at

Dr. Eric Lindquist built as a support mechanism and research organization for those utilizing ultrasound in clinical veterinary practice whether they actually do the sonography themselves, in-source or even outsource the sonogram procedure. At SonoPath, we are not a radiology company but simply a group of veterinary clinicians that utilize ultrasound and other modalities as the integral part of the clinical workup. We are a network of over 50 research collaborators that span in credentials from veterinary specialists, general practitioners, veterinary technicians, researchers, RDMS sonographers, veterinary clients and support staff all of which are dedicated toward enhancing diagnostic efficiency in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Lindquist does virtual consultations and supports primarily mobile veterinary sonographers in the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries. Dr. Lindquist and colleagues provide mentorship regarding efficient mobile sonography, clinical sonography, hospital operations, business advice and utility of ultrasound in practice, and advice on how to approach problems of every type that occur with such operations. Amongst these exchanges, case consultations are also performed as a vehicle toward addressing learning curves in all aspects of clinical sonography. A large proportion of the proceeds of these consultations are returned into SonoPath research operations for publications, on line resources, and improvement of the veterinary field through research.

Problem solving of all types associated with the activities of mobile sonography are best dealt with by means of the sonographic and clinical interpretation. This is why we do clinical case consultations. We consult for a network of sonographers that meet a certain criteria in the learning curve and professional approach to veterinary medicine. We DO NOT randomly consult for clients that we have not interviewed first in order to maximize the quality of the information coming in and ensure that the quality of the SonoPath network is maintained on the same page. Only in this manner can we keep quality and conviction of purpose tight and within the ideals from which was created. We are, of course, a business. But, we believe first and foremost in excellent clinical medicine to the extent that a remote exchange will provide. We also believe in the support of our network of talented individuals that intend on drawing from each other to improve their own skills as well as those of others. By charging an appropriate fee for consultation, we partially recycle funds back into our research that helps support this theme.

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