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Telecytology Services

SonoPath has spent years working on the quality control of telecytology. We've developed a telecytology package that includes:

1) Submission protocol

2) Instructional video

3) Technical support

No more mailing slides!  With our innovative work-flow and design to optimize quality, you can transmit your data from anywhere in the world within minutes and then is interpreted by our top-notch and hand-picked Sonopath pathologists, including Dr. Larry McGill, DVM, Ph.D, DACVP

We are here to ensure the best protocol is followed by you or your technicians to make sure that what’s on your slide is reflected in the digital submission provided. 

We offer a 24-hour or less turnaround time for your telecytology reports (Monday-Friday) and often same day if sent in the morning (EST).  

Download our instructional telecytology handout for a step-by-step process of how to submit your telecytology cases to Sonopath. 

Sonopath Telecytology Package Larry McGill