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Our Technician Preferred Sedation Protocols

For Dogs:

Premed for routine surgical procedures
Combine Dexdomitor 125ug/M2 (low premed label dose) with opioid of choice at standard dose and administer IM 15-20 minutes prior to induction. Induction drug volume should be reduced to 1/2 the usual amount or less. Inhalant anesthesia should also be reduced by 50% on average.

For short-term or mildly painful procedures (ideal for abdominal ultrasounds!)
Combine Dexdomitor 250ug/M2 (1/2 the sedation label dose) with torbugesic 0.2mg/kg and administer IV or IM. Can reverse with an equal amount (to Dexdomitor) of Antesedan IM.

To make it easy:   
125ug/M2 = 0.005mg/kg
250ug/M2 = 0.01mg/kg

Mini Micro Rescue dose for rough recovery:
administer Dexdomitor 1-2ug/kg IV. This will be about 0.1cc for a 50# dog. Provides about 30 minutes of sedation to transition smoothly from anesthesia. Can repeat as needed or deliver as a CRI at 1-3ug/kg/hr.

For Cats:

Kitty Magic for surgical or painful procedures
Per 10# cat combine and administer IM:
0.2cc Dexdomitor
0.2cc Ketamine
0.2cc Buprenorphine

Provides 30 minutes of profound sedation and analgesia typically sufficient to perform castration or less painful procedures, or intubation. Occasionally small amounts of inhalant by mask are required for intubation.

Kitty Magic Lite: for simple non-painful procedures (like abdominal ultrasound!)
Per 10# of cat, combine and administer IM:
0.1cc Dexdomitor  
0.1cc Ketamine
0.1cc Torbugesic
(Can also try increasing the Dexdomitor to 0.15cc/10# and use this protocol for cat castrations)

Kitty Magic Squirt: (*given transmucousally for the super-bad kitty)
Per 10# of cat, combine and administer IM:
0.2cc Dexdomitor
0.3cc Buprenorphine
0.4cc Ketamine

For Rabbits:

Bunny Magic
Combine in the same syringe and administer IM:
0.025 mg/kg Dexdomitor
0.05 mg/kg Buprenorphine
5.0 mg/kg Ketamine

As with Kitty Magic, double the ketamine for deeper anesthesia


*Special sedation protocols/notes for compromised patients or medical conditions*

For Dogs:

Dexdomitor 250ug/m2 (.01mg/kg) with torbugesic 0.2mg/kg, can give IV (immediate effect) or IM (takes about 20 minutes). Effect lasts 1-3 hours depending on the dog
For example: A 50# dog would get dexdomitor 0.45cc/torbugesic 0.45cc IM or IV. Always works out to the same amount of each so is a nice double check. I use this protocol almost 100% of the time for abdominal ultrasounds in dogs, unless severely compromised. Can be reversed with an equal volume of Antesedan IM.

**If a dog cannot have dexdomitor for some reason: Torbugesic 0.2-0.4mg/kg mixed with ace to color and give IM. We usually use the higher 0.4mg/kg dose. It doesn’t sedate them completely though so you will still need someone to hold patient.

For Cats:

Kitty Magic Lite, mix in a 1cc syringe and give IM:

dexdomitor 0.1cc per 10 #
ketamine 0.1cc per 10#
torbugesic 0.1cc per 10#

Sedation protocols for echoes: *Dexdomitor is not a good choice for animals getting echoes. Cats can also be given torbugesic 0.2-0.4 mg/kg with ace to color IM.

Ace 0.005mg/kg with buprenorphine 0.01mg/kg IV. Torb and valium option seems to produce vocalization in some pets and plain ket/val in a cat does not last very long at all. Propofol can be a good choice for cardiac patients; however, in patients suspected of CHF it can reduce fractional shortening (per Dr. Lindquist).

*Provided courtesy of Zoetis and our technician's. :)