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Sebastian Jawinski German Certified Veterinary Specialist for Radiology


Sebastian Jawinski, Fachtierarzt für Radiologie und andere Bildgebende Verfahren (German Certified Veterinary Specialist for Radiology and Other Diagnostic Imaging Modalities)

German Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging



  • Radiologist Since 2008
  • Head Radiologist at small animal hospital in Duisburg-Asterlagen since 2009
  • Partner of small animal hospital Duisburg-Asterlagen since 2011
  • Authorization for further education in germany in veterinary radiology and ultrasound since 2015

  • Teleradiology in Germany for small animals since 2010

  • Several publications e.g. book co-author "CT- und MRT-Atlas der

    Transversalanatomie des Hundes“; Thieme Verlag Stuttgart,

    published in 2009

  • "Daily routine radiology“ since 2003 several education trainings for abdominal ultrasound per year for referring vets



  • University of Giessen, Germany 1997-2003

  • Specialist training on Veterinary Radiology 2003-2007

  • University of Giessen, Germany nat. (german board) cert. Veterinary