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"Sonopath offers a great oportunity for any vet around the world to become part of a community where experts can mentor you and assess you to speed your learning curve in diagnostic ultrasonography. In addition, its excellent website with up to date information, fast response and expert advice from Dr. Lindquist and all his team, makes Sonopath an unbeatable chance not to miss."

Dr. Veronica Damian
Melbourne, Australia


"I am a mobile, veterinary sonographer, and I have been using Dr. Eric Lindquist's services for over 2 years. Dr. Lindquist's consultation services have been instrumental in my ongoing learning and development. The community membership has added great value to my practice. I use the Sonopath Clinical Search when I need a quick review for a particular case. The Sonopath Forum provides even more value as an interactive website where I can share interesting cases with my colleagues and get quick, down-to-earth responses from other experienced sonographers. It is the VIN for veterinary sonographers!"

Melissa Weisman, DVM
Minnesota Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC



“Through and the Sonopath Forum, Dr. Lindquist has created a must-have resource for both budding and seasoned veterinary ultrasonographers. From the extensive library of archived ultrasound images to the timely and practical tips and advice from a panel of experts in their field, Sonopath has played an instrumental role in my steep journey to learning diagnostic veterinary ultrasonography. is the perfect companion to formal ultrasound educational training as it takes what you have learned in the classroom and applies it to the real world of veterinary medicine. As far as I know, there is no other resource out there that is quite like Sonopath for veterinary ultrasound enthusiasts like myself.”

Jacquie Pankatz, BSc, DVM
Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada


"I found the Gallbladder Mucocele Survey. I've found amazing resources inside the articles. It brings some clarity to many of these subjective issues."

Dr.Calin Catarig, DVM
Rosslyn Veterinary Clinic
Edmunton, Alberta, Canada