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2009 Cases of the Month

Splenic torsion in a dog.
Sonogram by Andi Parkinson RDMA of Intrapet Imaging, Baltimore, MD, USA. Case evaluation & interpretation by “Team SonoPath.”

Sonogram (Spleen): “Popeye”

History (Lindquist DABVP, Vasquez RVT,...

Cholelithiasis & Post-Hepatic Obstruction In A Dog.

By Dr. Johanna Frank (DACVIM) of New Jersey Mobile Associates

History (Vaquez RVT/Frank DVM, DACVIM): An 8-year-old FS Cavalier King Charles Spaniel presented...

Jasmine Yorkshire Terrier with Hepatocutaneous Syndrome.

Imaged by Andi Parkinsnon, RDMS, Intrapet Imaging, Baltimore Maryland.

History (A. Parkinson RDMS): A 9-year-old FS Yorkshire Terrier was...

Feline Splenic Plasmacytoma.
Images by Marty Henderson DVM ( “Checkers”

History (Henderson): A 10-year-old MN DLH cat presented for vomiting, depression, weakness, and “not quite himself.” Clinical exam findings were...

Spontaneous Bowel Infarction in a Golden Retriever

History: This 7-year-old MN Golden Retriever presented for anorexia of sudden onset. The physical exam revealed fever of unknown origin, tacky mucosal membranes, and focal...