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Obstructive Urethral And Cystourethral Junction Mass In A 13-Year-Old FS Boston Terrier: Our Case Of the Month 2020


The patient presented for hematuria, Stranguria, and proteinuria. Current treatments were Simplicef and NeoPolyDex (for eyes). Urinalysis: 1+ proteinuria, pH 6.5, WBC 2-3 hpf, RBC 21-50, struvite crystals 0-1 hpf, squamous epithelia 2-3 hpf.

Image Interpretation

The urinary bladder revealed a 1.19 x 0.94 cm mass at the proximal aspect of the cystourethral junction. The cystourethral junction/proximal urethral mass was obstructive. In addition to the cystourethral junction/proximal urethral mass, a mineralizing urethral mass was noted. The left kidney revealed pyelectasia with echogenic debris and measured 6.38 cm. Secondary hydronephrosis of the left kidney was noted with echogenic debris.


Obstructive urethral and cystourethral junction mass.


The sonographic findings in the urethra and cystourethral junction are strongly consistent with transitional cell carcinoma. The patient is recommended for urethral stent placement or other bypass procedure would be warranted along with oncological intervention at the Animal Medical Center with Dr. Berrent and Dr. Weisse.